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City Council Savvy

City Council Meetings

City Council meetings operate based on statute and protocol.  Some things to know:

1. The City Council meets on the second and fourth Mondays of the month, but check the City's web site for changes.  We will update this web site as well when we are aware of changes.  

2. The agenda is posted on the City of Dunwoody web site on the Wednesday before the meeting.  You can find it here: City Council Agenda (this page takes a few seconds to load). 

3. Meetings start on time at 6 pm, mostly.

4. If you want to make a Public Comment you must fill out a card before the meeting starts and hand it to the Clerk.  If you don't see what to do, ask someone there.  They are usually very helpful.  

5. Meetings can be long so if you are going to stay for the whole thing then plan accordingly.  It is okay to make your comments and leave shortly afterwards.  

Write to City Council & the Mayor

Write to your District Council member, the three at-large members and the Mayor.  Their email addresses are on the home page as is the mailing address of City Hall.  If you don't know your District then click here for a map.  

Here are some tips for writing:

1. Keep it positive.  The City has been supportive of our programs and we want that to continue.  

2. Cite your own personal experiences with baseball at Dunwoody Park.  

3. Talk about the need for multi-purpose fields - ie soccer and lacrosse - to support other growing youth sports.  

4. Support the need to keep the green space we have in Dunwoody Park.  Rebuilding Austin there would eliminate 30% of the Park forever.  

5. Identify any other problems that you believe would result from rebuilding Austin in the Park - ie, increased traffic and congestion for the surrounding neighborhoods, loss of business for Dunwoody Village merchants, DSB having to curtail its programs, etc. 

6. If you are a Dunwoody voter, find a positive way to tell them their vote on this may affect how you vote in the next election.  

Friends of Dunwoody Parks

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